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Telomerase induction promises to be one of the great medical advances in history, and undoubtedly has the potential to quickly develop into a multi-billion dollar industry once a successful product is brought to market. Although it is expected to take years to bring a pharmaceutical telomerase inducer through FDA approval, there are several markets for this technology that are potentially very profitable in the short term, including the nutraceutical market and the pet market. Sierra Sciences is well-positioned to enter the nutraceutical market. Our assay is capable of screening not only random chemicals for telomerase induction, but also extracts of plants, bacteria, and other small organisms that are not regulated by the FDA because they are generally recognized as safe ("GRAS"). These products are likely to have some effect on human health and aging, and are in a position to be marketed immediately.


SIERRA SCIENCES has made its priority to find a chemical that can induce telomerase expression to the levels needed to completely reverse telomere shorting.


After screening 300,000 compounds, we found some with increasingly more powerful potencies, taking them close to a cure. More research needs to take place so that the appropriate drugs can be developed to cure the majority of diseases. 


We have already tested over 10,000 different natural products and have discovered 37 different natural products that behave as telomerase inducers. We haven't even scratched the surface yet as there are hundreds of thousands of other products yet to be tested. There are purification processes we can use to enhance the potency of the products. 

We are looking for marketing partners to distribute products containing these natural products.


Our stronger telomerase inducer identified so far from our research is a chemical we call CO314818, that we licensed to defytime, a Southeast Asia company. defytime has done additional medicinal chemistry with the compound to develop TAM, which they put into a skin cream called defytime. The cream will soon be marketed in South Korea and Japan and soon thereafter reach the rest of the world . SIERRA SCIENCES will receive a significant royalty from the sales of the product to continue the research. defytime is seeking additional go-to-market partners. 


We have designed a telomerase gene therapy that will deliver telomerase into human cells and tissues. This product is also available for pets: dogs, cats, horses and pigs will also benefit from our gene therapy, and we can make them for other animals as well. Before we can begin treating animals or people with the virus, we need to develop a large scale products facility. SIERRA SCIENCES is looking for partners in this endeavor. 


In order for wounds to heal, cells need to divide and when cells divide, telomeres get shorter. When a person lies in bed for a long time, the bed is constantly wounding the skin of that person. Cells are dividing to heal each wound. After a certain amount of healings, the telomeres are getting too short to allow anymore cell division to occur, which prevents the wound from healing at all. Our compound with telomerase inducer will allow the complete healing of wounds and severe bed sores.
We are looking for partners to help us finalize that compound. 


SIERRA SCIENCES  goal is to extend our lifespans and healthspans and live a young, healthy life for as long as possible. Telomerase activation is a technology that's well within reach, and any extension of lifespan could allow us to live long enough to see the next technology developed. We are looking for marketing partners finalize that technology. 


SIERRA SCIENCES has designed two protocols for specifically killing cancer cells by tricking the cells into using telomerase to poison themselves. Unlike other cancer treatments that target telomeres, these protocols do not accelerate the shortening of the telomere, which can increase mutation rates that allow cancers to survive.
SCIENCES protocols will have no effect on non-cancer cells.  
We are looking for partners to develop that protocol. 

The second early market for telomerase induction is the pet market. Pet medicines are more heavily regulated than nutraceuticals, but not as heavily regulated as FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. Based on our early experiments with animal cells and our review of the scientific literature, we believe that drugs that induce telomerase in humans will have the same effect on dogs, cats, and horses. Market research has demonstrated that people with pets won't hesitate to purchase products that could keep their pets healthier longer. Even better, the pet market will undoubtedly help prepare people for the concept of human health extension and life extension, thus expanding the pharmaceutical market for telomerase inducers even before final FDA approval is reached.


Telomerase could theoretically make an old animal young again. A study in 1999 by Maria Blasco at the National Center of Biotechnology (CNIO) in Spain showed that mice that were introduced with the gene for telomerase had offsprings with longer telomeres and didn't show any chromosomal instability or premature aging. This experiment lent some support to the idea that introducing telomerase into an "aged" organism could lead to a "young" organism and suggested that therapies based on telomere biology could reverse the aging process in a living mammal. As an example, pet food can be enhanced with the appropriate compound and enable pets to live a longer life. We are looking for partners to market the pet products.

"Short telomeres weaken the immune system and allow cancer cells to survive. Telomerase decreases the risk of cancer, and short telomeres cause cancer and almost every other disease" - Dr. Bill Andrews

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