Can Telomere be taken as a supplement?

No. Telomere doesn't survive human digestion, and ingested telomerase never enters bloodstream.

Can we insert the telomerase gene into all of our cells and extend lifespan?

No. Inserting a gene into our DNA often causes cancer.

What are the telomerase inducers that we have validated to actually work?

They include TA-65 (sold by TA Sciences www.tasciences.com), Isagenesis (aka Product B)(sold by Isagenix www.isagenix.com) , and TAM-818

What CAN be done?

It is possible to coax that repressor protein off its binding site with the use of a small molecule drug-like compound that binds to the repressor and prevents it from attaching to the DNA.  If we find the appropriate compound, we can turn telomerase on in every cell in the human body thus allowing them to divide as many times as necessary without any error.

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